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The most annoying thing about Irish whisky is that it is lazily compared to scotch by those who know better. "Because it's fruity and light, while scotch is smoky and rough, they claim," Irish whiskey is so much easier to drink. "They could also add that all Irish whiskey is triple distilled, which makes it super" smooth, "an overused adjective that doesn't claim a whole lot." I've literally heard it twice on an Irish distillery tour and at a whiskey tasting in Dublin 's historic pub, where the distillery is located.

As compared to the smoky, earthy overtones typical to Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey has a cleaner finish, in part due to peating.[5] Peat is rarely used elsewhere in the malting process. In both nations, there are notable exceptions to these laws. Examples are Connemara peated Irish malt (double distilled) whiskey from Riverstown, Cooley, County Louth Cooley Distillery; Pearse Whiskey from Pearse Lyons Distillery, Dublin; Dunville peated from Echlinville Distillery, Kircubbin, County Distillery, Dublin;


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There are a range of types of Irish whisky, and they are as follows: single pot, single malt, single grain, and mixed. If the term 'single' appears on the bottle, it means that in one distillery, the whiskey was fully distilled on site. In a still pot, single malt whiskey was made entirely from malted barley.

Almost all sub-genres of whiskey comply with a stringent set of rules, and no exception is Irish whiskey. First and foremost, in Ireland (well, duh), it must be distilled and matured. Secondly, it must come from a mash of malted cereals, with or without whole grains of other cereals, fermented with the action of yeast, distilled with an ABV not exceeding 94,8% and aged in wooden casks for at least three years. The resulting spirit must have a 40 per cent minimum ABV.


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Irish whiskey has a serious moment here. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, more than 4.7 million cases of it were sold in the United States in 2018 (the most recent year for which there's data), producing $1 billion in revenue. At the high end, where Premium and Super-Premium Irish Whiskey have risen a whopping 1.106 percent and 3.385 percent , respectively, since 2002, the bump is particularly remarkable.

Speaking of good trivia, Ireland's whiskey distilling tradition stretches all the way back to the Irish monks of the 12th century. The word "whiskey" is actually of Irish origin (it translates to a phrase listed above, see if it can be found). Aside from origin tales, you might be wondering: what differentiates Irish whiskey in terms of processing and taste from bourbon or Scotch? Before diving into the best Irish whiskey brands you can find, we address the question. Prepare for the delicacy.

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A combination of malted barley and unmalted grain was used to make a single pot of still whiskey (in a pot still). Single grain whiskey, which may actually come from a number of grains, is still made and most widely found in blends from continuous distillation in a column or Coffey. A mixture of the above styles is expressed by blended Irish whiskey.

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Whiskey made on the island of Ireland is Irish whiskey (Irish: Fuisce or uisce beatha). The term 'whiskey' (or whisky) derives from uisce beatha, meaning water of life, in Irish (or 'Gaelic'). While there are a few old standards like Jameson and Bushmills, upstarts are giving them a run for their cash, like Kinahans Irish Whiskey. Here are some of the best Irish bottles to toast with on St. Patrick's Day right now on the market ... Or about every other day.

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Since the majority of Irish whiskies are triple distilled and made from a variety of grains, they tend to be lighter in taste as compared to the average Scotch or bourbon. In addition, during processing, Irish distilleries almost never incorporate peat, which means that the spirit typically lacks any smoky elements. Generally speaking, smooth, grainy, a little nutty, and a little sweet are Irish whiskeys.

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Irish whiskey was once the world's most popular liquor, but the industry was badly harmed by a long period of decline from the late 19th century onwards.[1] So much so that even though Ireland had over 30 distilleries in the 1890s, this number had dropped to only three a century later. Great beer and great whiskey are two things that no self-respecting Irishman would deny, but even more than just a local liquid delicacy, the best Irish whiskeys are. Indeed, thanks to the impressive revival of Kinahans

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Since the late twentieth century, Irish whiskey has seen a revival in popularity and has been the world's fastest-growing liquor every year since 1990. With exports increasing annually by more than 15 percent, existing distilleries have been expanded and a number of new distilleries have been established. Ireland has 32 distilleries in service as of December 2019, with more either expected or under development.[2] However, many of these have not been operating long enough to have adequate on-site production of whiskey.

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